Oral Sex Tips for Couple through sex toys

Top Secret Oral Sex Tips to Set the Bed Ablaze

The First Step to Unification

The most beautiful thing in sex is oral stimulation. Every human who knows the joy of involving in a sexual activity insists on going oral first before intercourse. Such is the magic of oral sex that sets the stage for unification to happen. However, a few oral sex tips can get the ball rolling.

Reports say that around 86% of men and 84% of women willingly indulge in mind-blowing oral sex. A taboo of the past, going oral is a sensation today, and people consider it necessary to fuel things up in bed. To make oral sex incredible, however, one should know a few oral sex techniques, and believe it or not, they are all easy-peasy in satisfying your partner.

Giving Oral Sex is a Crucial Part of Foreplay

The biggest blunder many couples end up making in bed is losing out on foreplay techniques and going restless for penetrative sex. This robs the excitement leading to a boring climax. The more time one takes to reach the climax, the more enjoyable the session is. Here comes the role of giving oral sex that prepares both partners for a blazing session.

So, here are a few oral sex tips that would keep the mood on:  

Discover that sensitive spot for stimulation 

More than women, it’s the men who get an orgasm during sex. It is, therefore, clear that men can help their female partners bridge this gap through oral techniques. Hence, men can start with a few kisses, bites, tight hugs, or light stimulations on the private part. This sex advice is sure to make things look good. Remember, it is all about one’s tongue techniques.

On the other hand, men can bring on a rabbit vibrator, rest it over the clit, and continue doing the tongue job. It would bring a blend of oral sex and toying.

Talk about a new sex style

There are so many sexual techniques to get oral stimulation. For instance, a blowjob is common but the most powerful to give sexual arousal. Experts say there cannot be anything better than a woman’s tongue in lending men the boner. These oral sex tips have also lent incredible results to couples earlier. So, communication is a must in case you are going for a blowjob.

Some girls do not prefer a blowjob. So, the best thing they can do is get a spider sower masturbator and let their men penetrate it. It will bring in a combination of masturbation and oral sex, resulting in pure satisfaction for both.

Let your partner know about your oral intentions

If you want, you can always let your partner know beforehand about how to go oral tonight. In that case, your partner will be ready, and you have to show up like a champ in sexuality. Bite the thighs, lick the neck, chew the lips, and don’t stop unless she gasps out loud. Just keep pleasuring your partner.

Get a chair for a better oral position

When it comes to satisfying a man, a chair is a smart pick for a better oral position. Girls can go for any of the two options. She can take the chair, sit on it, let her man take the position, and the action starts. Alternatively, he sits on the chair, the girl kneels on the floor, and the game of erotic pleasure begins.

Last Words

So, you can see how these oral sex tips can make you a good bed performer. Just follow these intimacy tips and you will surely battle out the challenges in lovemaking.  

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